Friday, July 1, 2011

Hydrofracking Activists Join Green Party Gathering

A series of workshops, presentations and strategic planning sessions on the political steps needed to replace fossil fuels and nuclear power with reduced energy usage and alternative energy sources is attracting hydrofracking activists to Green Fest. The program features four forums and 30 workshops on a wide range of ecological, peace and justice topics (see workshop list below).

Confirmed speakers include Richard Grossman, David Cobb, Virginia Rasmussen, Howie Hawkins, Cecile Lawrence, Tony Gronowicz, Farheen Hakeem, Ursula Rozum, John Rensenbrinck, Bill Belitskus, Jay Sweeney, Mary Jo Long, Mike Bernhard, Ken Gale, David Doonan, Jack Ossont, Kate Bartholomew, Barry Miller and Dianne Roe. Elizabeth May, the first Green elected to the Canadian parliament, David Korten, author of Agenda for a Local Economy and Tina Clarke from the transition towns movement will address the gathering by Skype.

Building Local Economies, Fri., Aug. 5, 6:45 pm — 8:45 pm

Presenters: David Korten on "Agenda for a Local Economy," Tina Clarke and David Doonan on the Transistion Town Movement, Opening music: Woven Green Band, Moderator: Tim Bancroft, Location: Nevins Theater, Powell Campus Center

Local Sovereignty over Fossil Fuel Extraction, Sat., Aug. 6, 1:15 pm - 2:30 pm

Presenters: Richard Grossman, Virginia Rasmussen, Mary Jo Long, Jack Ossont, Gary Abraham, Opening music: Carl Lundgren, Moderator: Kate Bartholomew, Location: Solar Stage on Campus Quad

Campaigning for Local Economies and Clean Energ, Sat., Aug. 6, 6:45 pm — 8:45 pm

Presenters: Elizabeth May, Kent Mesplay, Colia Clark, Bill Belitskus, Jay Sweeney, Green Candidates and Office Holders, Opening music: Crow Weaver, Moderator: David Cobb, Location: Nevins Theater, Powell Campus Center

The Future of Sustainable Politics, Sun., Aug. 7, 11:15 am — 12:45 pm

Presenters: John Resenbrinck, Greg Gerritt, Howie Hawkins, Cecile Lawrence, Opening poetry: Michael Czarnecki, Moderator: Jason Nabewaniec, Location: Solar Stage on Campus Quad

For more information about the presenters, click here. Outstanding musicians will perform throughout the weekend on our solar stage and for the evening programs:  including Crow Weaver, Carl Lundgren, Leonard Lehrman and Helene Williams, the Woven Green band from northern Virginia, and the Lucky Pluckers.The Bloodthirsty Vegans from Buffalo will return with their great dance music for the Saturday evening fundraiser.

Ecology Workshops

Energy Workshops

Media Workshops

Political Workshops

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