Friday, March 18, 2011

Registration Now Open for 2011

Registration is now open for Green Fest 2011.  The registration fee for Green Fest attendees, presenters and exhibitors is $45 for the weekend, $25 for a single day. The teen rates are $25 for the weekend, $15 for a single day. Children 12 and under are free. Delicious meals and attractive lodging options are available on-campus for reasonable rates.  To see details and to register, please visit our registration page,

Sunday, March 13, 2011

ANM Comes to Green Fest

We are delighted to have the national Green Party join us in Alfred this year, Aug. 5-7, 2011. Green Fest is being held in conjunction with the 2011 Green Annual National Meeting (ANM). Greens and supporters from across the country will participate in Green Fest workshops, perform and exhibit in our Green Fair.

We welcome participation in Green Fest 2011 as a panelist, musician or workshop presenter. Our panels, performances and workshops enable the Green community to grow and pass on vital knowledge and skills. Musicians will perform throughout the weekend on our solar stage. For more information about presenting or performing at Green Fest 2011, click here.

For more information about exhibiting in our Green Fair, click here. We welcome five types of exhibitors:
1. Activist organizations displaying information about their work on Green issues
2. Craftspeople and artists selling their own crafts and art
3. Local farmers and local food producers selling their own food items
4. Authors, booksellers and publishers selling books on sustainable living and sustainable politics
5. Producers and distributors selling renewable energy systems and zero emission vehicles.
 Registration will be available soon. Click here for the draft 2011 schedule.