Sunday, May 3, 2009

SEEDS Festival at Earthdance Community

Rafter Sass, who is doing a Liberation Ecology workshop at Green Fest 2009, will be participating in the SEEDS Festival Sunday, June 14 - Thursday, June 18 at Earthdance Community, Plainfield MA. Rafter's workshop in June will combine the participatory exploration and design studio of the Liberation Ecology workshop, with the mushroom-centric permaculture of Mycoscaping.
We'll weave back and forth between tools for designing healthy, abundant landscapes, and strategies for creating the vibrant and just society that can care for those landscapes. Social design and ecosystem design will enrich and empower each other.

This four-day participatory workshop gives participants the tools to start reclaiming ecological and social health - from specific techniques to broad strategies. Come prepared for a hands-on experience - we’ll be wrestling with hard questions, and going outside and getting our hands dirty!

In the Mycoscaping stream, we'll be learning about - and implementing - a variety of mushroom species and cultivation techniques in the landscape. We'll be looking at growing food and medicine everywhere, enriching the health of our veggie gardens and perennial plantings with fungal polyculture, bioremediation, wild mushrooms and forest ecology, and more.

In the Liberation Ecology stream, we'll be learning how to design collaborative projects that support the health of vibrant, whole communities. We'll map our relationships with natural and human communities, and create strategies to methodically connect our own desires for change with large scale transformation.

We'll all be collaborating to discover the emergent patterns and principles that arise from this hybrid workshop.

Introductions to Permaculture, to edible forest gardening, and related topics, will be incorporated along the way.

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