Friday, June 15, 2007

Make Your Own Small Wind Turbine

On Saturday, August 11, Barry Miller will lead a workshop on how to make your own small wind turbine. Barry is a mechanical engineer with a BSME from the University of Ariz, Tucson. He has used wind and solar power off and on since 1976. Barry spent 20 years in the wind energy business, nine years of which he spent operating a wind farm in Altamont Pass west of San Franciso. In 2001 he was an engineer for a company manufacturing 750 Kw wind turbines. Barry recently taught a class at Olean BOCES on how to build your own small wind turbine. Barry is from Hinsdale, NY and is active in the Cattaraugus County Green Party.

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K&J Creations said...

How can I get a hold of of Barry Miller to learn about this outside of the Green Fest?